PFP utilizes AI + Power Analysis our approach to cybersecurity has many benefits

  • Determine the existence of malware
  • Detect and remediate in machine time
  • Ensure security, safety and quality
  • Air-gap without performance impact
  • Protect IoT standalone or embedded
  • Leave hackers unaware of surveillance
  • Need no threat intelligence
  • Detect counterfeit without opening boxes
  • Detect BIOS attacks
  • Detect memory attacks
  • Detect VME board tampering
  • Detect Stuxnet-like attacks

How it Works

Power Fingerprinting (PFP) is a unique approach to cybersecurity that utilizes analog signals (AC, DC, EMI) to assess the integrity of an electronic device. Power consumption and electromagnetic emissions are unique for a given hardware/firmware combination, giving each device its own power fingerprint. By using this fingerprint, PFP is capable of detecting whenever unauthorized modifications have compromised the integrity of an electronic system.


Users may select an AI model to be downloaded to their PFP appliance or to the embedded software to continuously monitor the system. The PFP AI platform can remediate any intrusions by putting the systems back down to known states in machine time before damage occurs.


PFP technology can be retrofit to existing systems or embedded in to devices at the point of manufacture.


PFP protects systems from cradle to grave, allowing detection and remediation before any damage occurs.
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P2Scan: Power Analytics, PC


P2Scan is a PC based software containing PFP's patented power analytics algorithms, which provides a complete identification, analysis and manufacturing solution. More information...

pMon 751: IoT Monitor


pMon monitors power or EMI signals from devices and systems. pMon is network connected and reports results to P3Scan or your SOC. More information...

eMon: Embedded SDK


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Cisco Training Kit


Cisco training kit is a complete package for the assessment and detection of anomalies in Cisco routers using PFP PowerIQ Analysis. More information...

Xilinx FPGA Detection Kit


Xilinx FPGA kit is a complete package for the assessment and detection of anomalies in Xilinx FPGA's using PFP PowerIQ Analysis. More information...

Forensic Training Kit


The forensic training kit is a complete package for the assessment and detection of anomalies using PFP PowerIQ Analysis. Contact us to learn more.




PFP provides dynamic verification of hardware systems in a non-destructive process for tamper and intrusion detection. Contact us to learn more.

Counterfeit Avoidance


PFP detects counterfeit electronic items without opening the box. Our technology can also identify used, relabeled and compromised chips or devices. Contact us to learn more.


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