Using Out-of-Band Monitoring & Machine Learning

Detecting Unseen Attacks in Hardware and Firmware

from supply chain to the whole life cycle


The Non-Intrusive Solution

Enables Integrity-Assessment-as-a-Service

from supply chain to the whole life cycle

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Detect changes or tampering in discrete integrated circuits (IC) includes analog IC such as regulator, amplifiers, transceivers, we well as FPGA, memory, controllers.  
Also counterfeit and tampered IC in printed circuit boards.

IoT and IIoT

Proven to detect tampering throughout the supply chain and live attacks during operation, examples include IP surveillance cameras, PLC, and more. PFP could be air-gapped, in power supply or embedded.

IT Equipment & Servers

PFP can be used for incoming inspection, spot checking, and continuous monitoring of server motherboards, SSD, power supply and add ons, including BMC, BIOS/UEFI, USB, NIC, and more

Legacy Equipment

PFP can create a snapshot from approved or known-good configurations, to screen other devices.

Without gold samples, cluster analysis can be used to find outliers within many devices.


PFP can protect telecommunication such as baseband of radio, Software Defined Radio in RAN, also servers and network  infrastructure.

Our Products

Siglytics Analytics: On-Premise, Cloud, PC, Embedded

Authentication kit: Portable, disconnected

Embedded SDK

IoT monitors: Standalone, modules


supply chain


Servers and IT equipment

Industrial Control

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Our Products

P2Scan: Power Analytics

pMon 751: IoT Monitor

eMon: Embedded SDK


ICS and IoT Solutions



supply chain

hardware trojan


Our Partners


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